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first up, we have bella taking her first dip in her new baby pool. the water was straight out of the hose and COLD, but it was well into the 90s and she didn't seem to mind at all. have I mentioned how this kid sweats? I've never seen a baby sweat like her. so I guess she's going to be like sean and be a "hot" person. know what I mean? some people are just hot all the time, some are always cold. I am somewhere in between, but sean's a hot person. and so is lil bella. so anyway - bella in the pool.

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and here are some vegas pics. including the one I said you guys would love. we had to take this picture facing the opposite direction, so it's blurry and not quite level. we didn't want to be obvious about taking it. but we could have, since afterwards we found another couple taking the same picture outright.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com

and here is bella signing sean's father's day card. awww.

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cute stuff.

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NME said...

That pool picture is a keeper. Absolutely adorable.
I keep meaning to get a little pool like that for Noah (& me).
And such a cute idea having her sign Sean's card.

patrice said...

the funny thing is - they only had one style of pool in that size, and one style of swimmer diapers in her size. both are finding nemo. I may not be the target audience, but freakin nemo was ALL OVER THE PLACE and not too hard to find. in fact, I have a hard time not finding nemo.

but seriously - wasn't nemo like 3 summers ago??

TD said...

The picture of her in the pool? The one where she's looking up at the camera? I think it made my ovaries spasm. No fair.

I always say my brothers have the hot disease. Just like Sean, they're ALWAYS hot, and they sweat when it's not particularly warm outside. I'm the opposite. Guess I have the cold disease?

KATIEmagic said...

Oh. My. God. the fish fry guy. And in a totally different way Oh. My. God. Your baby is so cute!

lonna said...

We have Dermot sign cards too. He's finally getting lines on the cards and not just dots.

Ethan and Dermot are always hot too. I was amazed when Dermot would sweat as a tiny baby. Everyone else was always bundling their baby up, and we had to keep Dermot in a little onesie for quite a while. It freaked Ethan's poor mom out that Dermot didn't have a blanket.

jon said...

awesome. awesome. awesome. awesome. awesome.

Missuz J said...

Baby pool pictures are the greatest. You know, with Sophie right now, all I can find is Disney Princess. It's Disney Princess pull-ups and DP sippy cups and DP sheets. Is it too much to ask for maybe a little Hello Kitty?

Kodi said...

When Kiri was little, it was Beauty and the Beast. I didn't really mind, because I went to see Beauty and the Beast the night before I had Kiri, so it brings back memories. I almost named her Kiri Belle in honor of the movie, but decided my Grandmothers name made a better middle name and added some culture the this poor hick family. Her name by the way is Kiri Aase. Aase is Norwegian. My grandma lived in Norway for 25 years before coming to America after the Nazi occupation. She said the day she left Norway was the saddest day of her life. Long post, sorry.

Kelly said...

I'm an always hot person...and I live in Texas. Don't I feel smart now?