I spent the better part of this morning chugging water. chug chug chug. I had signed up for our company's blood drive and I know that the more you drink, the faster it comes. I hate needles and the thought of blood draining out of me and into a bag...and a needle inside my vein....makes me a bit woozy. so the faster we can do it, the better.

my appointment was for 11am. so I've been chugging chugging chugging. just as I was getting ready to go to the bathroom for my final pee before the blood letting, I decided to check my calendar again.

I have this thing where I am obsessive about checking my calendar and driving directions. when I have a meeting, I have to check my calendar about 30 times to remember where it is located and what time it's for. when I'm driving, I have to check my directions like once every 5 minutes, which gets tedious when you're driving for a few hours or more. it's like what I imagine OCD people are like constantly. I'm lucky it's only these few things. (though I am sure I could think of more. but I'm totally not OCD.)

anyway, I've been trying to be better about the calendar thing, so I only checked it once, now, just before 11. just to be sure.

and the blood drive is next week.

soooo....here's a picture of a baby in a bikini with a binky. it's kind of creepy to have a baby in a bikini with a binky, isn't it?

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more later....

5 validations:

Jen O. said...

She is the most beautiful baby in a bikini with a binky that I have ever seen, that's for damn sure.

NME said...

Damn! She sure is showing alot of skin. That bikini is not for the faint of heart.

M.Thom said...

Well, at least water's good for you!

Strike a pose, Bella!

Missuz J said...

Whenever I travel, I obsessively check my purse for my ticket--like every 30 seconds--then I obsessively check my flight number, then my seat number. I do the same thing with directions. Unfortunately, I'm not as obsessive with dates of meetings, and missed several last year as a result. The bikini shot is precious.

Kelly said...

I do the flight ticket/seat number/driving directions thing, too. It sucks, but I've never been at the wrong gate or gotten lost. Go OCD!