on the virtues of golden girls

I recently commented on mmt's rich girl poor girl:

I LOVE GOLDEN GIRLS. I recently got into it again after a hiatus - a long
hiatus - and I still love it. bea arthur? comedic genius. and she looks sort
like my mom, only with less funny-sayings sweatshirts and more shoulder

it bears repeating.

a real post is coming soon, I promise.

5 validations:

M.Thom said...

I just wanted to thank you for the shout out (I am so not hip, so that may not be the correct use of that term...HOLLAH!!!!), but now I have to go watch the Golden Girls. Happy Friday!

Kelly said...

The Golden Girls is comfort TV. I used to watch it with my grandmother, so it has all sorts of good memories attached to it. I don't watch it often, but I always feel good when I do.

KATIEmagic said...

That's so funny, I watched half an ep just yesterday.

seansylvania said...

Ah Golden Girls... The old failsafe when it comes to funny sitcoms. I never thought I would like such a show so much, but it's still really funny even today. In my final college year, I lived with two young, energetic vegans who shared my love of extreme music, movies, etc., but we would always tune into the Golden Girls for a funny change of pace and sincerely laugh. You know they just started releasing the seasons on DVD, right?

Jaws said...

I loved that show aswell. Funny thing was my grandmother didn't though. I think it was cause of Blanch.