te-asty te-uesday

I stayed up enough last night to watch nanny 911 but not long enough to watch supernanny. so our house will now fall to shambles. but thankfully, when it does, my marriage will last because I plan to watch the new series marriage 911. I can't believe they snuck that in there at the end of last night's episode - the people from the episode, which featured a man that I think was an actor, are still not fixed, so they will be the crossover between nanny911 and marriage911. the funniest thing was that when nanny stella (the one that is almost scottish and says "famleh" instead of family) said to the two of them, who had been bickering, "I'm not a marriage counselor." I thought that was the most astute observation that I'd ever seen on this show. for someone who thinks they're going to barge in and "fix" some suburban white rich family's problems in 5 days (problems not limited to bad children's behavior and which are usually fixed by said families hiring an actual nanny who does housekeeping) to not butt into the marital affairs seemed like a dream - some writer or producer realizing that they are not miracle workers and shouldn't pretend to be so. but it was all a plug for the new series. I was so duped. well played, tv exec people! ya got me!!

before we settled in to be soothed to sleep by our friend TV, we took boba on a walk with maggie...me with the stroller and sean with the leash. it was very nice. why we didn't stop in to get a water ice at rita's, I'll never know. next time.

and - surprise!!! trent's science fair stuff? c r a p. he sent it to me to print at work since our printer was taken by The Great Washing Machine Hose Mishap And Basemental Flood Of 2003, and in reading it, I realized (quite suddenly) that it was the lamest thing I'd ever read. so I'm torn between letting him crash and burn, and helping him out. I'm leaning towards helping him out....

shout out to nicole, mark, carol, and especially larry -
"Everyone who is born holds dual citizenship, in the kingdom of the well and in the kingdom of the sick. Although we all prefer to use only the good passport, sooner or later each of us is obliged, at least for a spell, to identify ourselves as citizens of that other place." -Susan Sontag

here's hoping that his passport sees him through the kingdom of the sick and delivers him to a place where he no longer feels his pain.

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TD said...

What exactly is lame about the science fair project? Is it poorly written, or did it just not work, à la Margaret Yang?