madam, I'm adam

so we went to go see palindromes at the prince last night as part of the philly film fest. and to our surprise, we saw lots of great people there. first, we heard that theresa and todd were going to be there, but I was like, it's a big place, we'll never track them down. and I looked straight ahead and there they were. we sat together like we were on a double date. I wanted to hold theresa's hand but I was too shy.

after the movie, we saw sean's college friend rena. she works for banyan and is really cool. I didn't get to talk to her much because sean was hogging her.

but during the movie, we got to see the director himself, who stayed after for q&a. sean was thrilled.

I hate q&a sessions. I hate the awkward pauses while everyone turns to everyone else to see who is going to ask the first question. I hate looking at the person waiting to answer questions while he waits for someone to ask them. and then I hate when two people start to ask questions at the same time. I hate when an awkward question is posed. I hate when the questions session is closing just as someone is starting to ask his question, making the questioner red in the face and making him look all around uncomfortably. I hate when there is a q&a session in progress and people's cell phones ring and/or they get up to leave. all of these things happened during last night's q&a, so I was a little uncomfortable there.

and where was bella during all this? hanging with her boyfriend at HIS house. his parents were home, though. I'm not sure if they were ever alone together without his parents around, but I do know that they swapped spit. don't they grow up so fast?

bella still is having ear trouble. people at work, ultra granola crunchy people, told me that a few drops of breast milk in her ear will clear her up by morning. can you believe that? and it helps clear up pink eye and baby acne. it slices, dices, and juliennes. I asked if it could patch my roof next, please. so we're going to try that....and because we are insane crazy, crazy insane, we are going to forgoe the rest of the antibiotics. because I really think it's doing more harm than good - on her psyche, on our psyche, on her tummy - and it doesn't seem to be helping her ear issues.

the worst that happens is that she has to go on more antibiotics. right? right??

ps, crunchy granola mother people introduced me to a concept I didn't know existed. now, this is behavior that goes beyond any boundary of ultra organic mother earth stuff I ever have heard of. non-diapering. can you even imagine??

3 validations:

NME said...

GOOD LORD! Now I have heard of everything. I often admire the granola approach though I often can't imagine using it - but in this case I can't even admire it. That is just crazy talk.

TD said...

I wanted to hold your hand, too, but my hand had already formed an ionic bond with a bag of peanut M&Ms.

Todd thinks the other Todd is a cross between Woody Allen & Porky Pig.

Jen O. said...

Jon doesn't wear diapers. It's true. His refusal has caused much strife in our relationship.