"Life as a Notebook" Analogy

Well, by definition, this is more like a metaphor. I was taught that metaphors use the words "like" or "as" to draw comparisons. Similes do not. So then, what is an analogy? Maybe it's both. I can probably Google it, but I don't care enough. I'd rather get started, so, here we go!

In a blogging sense, this feels like my first day of school. You know that feeling when you had NOTHING written in your clean, white notebook, and you're ready to start filling it with EVERYTHING that comes out of the teacher's mouth by writing it as NEATLY as can be? I used to get frustrated when I had to scribble out my first word, or when I missspeled my first word, or when I bent or ripped my first page, or when I unsuspectingly created my first doodle as a result of boredom (I used to draw the "S" that starts out as 6 lines, and then you connect them to form an "S" fit for a superhero other than Superman. You know? "S" for Sean? I'll show you sometime). Something as pure and innocent as clean, white paper in un-creased bookbinding gets more and more tainted as time goes by. Toward the middle of the year, I would look back at how nice my writing was on the first day, and how day by day, my writing would become more and more illegible. It had nothing to do with not caring. I think it was more of shift in focus. The little things, like keeping a neat notebook, started losing emphasis in my mind because the subject matter of what is supposed to fill the book took precedent. What's my point? Well, this is my first blog entry much like my first note taken in class for that school year. In elaborating on that comparison (or metaphor), I have come to the conclusion that life is like a notebook, except for the most part, you don't get a fresh start at it per year. Sure, people use New Year's resolutions, but who sticks with them anyway?

Wait, where am I going with this? I can see I'm off to a good start. For me, it's fine because I'm off on some tangent that's allowing me to think and express what's on my mind, but for you, the poor reader? If this is anything that tells you what to expect from reading my blog entries, you might fear boredom. Fear not! I can't help the fact that I just worked 8 hours, and I have another 4 to go. This is a way of escaping my boredom. I promise not to make a habit of it. What I will focus on instead are things about me that Patrice hasn't already mentioned. Not only will you be informed about what's going on in my head and life, but I'll have a nice little (or long) record or diary of my life to accompany the point-of-view that Patrice has already shared. After all, this is the double point of blogging, isn't it? It keeps you informed, and it helps me remember, right? Help me out here. Today is my first day, and don't tell me that the swimming pool is on the roof!

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Jen O. said...

Welcome to Bloglife, Sean! Just curious: Why not start your own, separate blog? I mean, it makes it easier for me, since there's one less link to bookmark...

seansylvania said...

Thanks, Jen O. The answer is elementary: Consolidation. As a family unit, we found it best to keep our adventures centralized in one fine and dandy blog. Plus, if I had my own, my lack of blog visits would probably render it inactive. I'm a weekend blogger (it's what I do when I'm bored at work), so it's up to me to keep this blog going 7 days a week...like Commerce Bank!