you put the lime in the coke, you nut.

I can't get that out of my mind. anyways.

so the kitchen is done. well, as done as it can be now without us having ordered countertops or found someone cheap enough to install them. and the floor isn't done, either. but the painting and hardware and all that is done. and it looks fantastic. though it makes the countertops look like ass, not to mention the shitty floor looks even shittier. so there's still work to do. but overall? love it.

so today seems to be a day where I can take a breath. just a short one. it's been hectic lately. I will feel better when I go home tonight and sean has put the kitchen back together. we've decided we need a new microwave to match the kitchen. (though I'm not sold on it, but I do like the idea because it would mean we won't have to try to clean the one we have now - which, if anyone from some important health agency saw it, they'd totally take our children away.)

oh! and the stupid avant garde knobs-as-handles idea? BRILLIANT. seriously. not just because I thought of it. it looks really cool. when the cabinets are closed, the knobs look like this
:: instead of this [ ] and it's excellent. I can't believe I thought of something that actually works.

now we have to work on the upstairs. we need carpet, stat. trent had a friend over the other day (!!!) and they were playing basketball in trent's room and....it is paining me to even type this...I am squirming all over in my chair but I have to do it...so the kids are in their socks, and....oh god...oh sweet jesus....the friend pulls his foot back and....gaahhhhhh....GOT THE BIGGEST SPLINTER I EVER SAW IN HIS BIG TOE AND IT WAS SO BIG THAT IT DISAPPEARED INTO THE MEAT OF HIS TOE AND IT WAS LIKE A HALF INCH LONG AND IT LOOKED HELLA PAINFUL AND OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD

okay. took a little break there. we got out the....OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD

okay. we took out the splinter and that is the last we shall speak of that part. so now we know we need carpet. or something. in all rooms up there. so that's our next big thing to tackle. because if I ever have to see anything like that again, I may just go into shock.

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NME said...

OH GOD! That splinter thing made me queasy. I'm SO glad that the knobs turned out great. I hadn't thought about how there would be four of them grouped together. That does sound very cool. Which is no surprise - because YOU thought of it.