I just found a small piece of nut in my sock. like inside the sock next to my foot. so it had to come from my house. we don't really eat nuts. so this baffles me. perhaps it is a sign - but of what? impending insanity? messy floors? a stranger eating a drumstik in our bedroom?

I think I am worried.

2 validations:

Jen O. said...

Are you absolutely positive it was a nut? Maybe Maggie McAllister D'Puppy was outside and brought it in on her paw? Or maybe it's a tiny, hardened piece of tofu? Or perhaps it's a chipped piece of tooth? A bone of some sort? Did you smell it? Did you put it in your mouth and roll it around on your tongue?

jon said...

Mice. Storing food. In cozy places. Run!