bella rolled over by herself for the first time today. noah's been doing it for like years, but it's bella's first time unassisted.

actually, I'm surprised that she hasn't done this sooner. she absolutely hates being on her stomach and I would think she'd try as hard as possible to flip onto her back. instead, before today, she'd just let her head plop face first into the carpet and cry. poor thing.

and to everyone who gave me funny looks when I said she couldn't roll over yet - I TOLD YOU SHE'D BE ABLE TO DO IT SOONER OR LATER. we weren't worried that she'd be a 38-year-old woman who would panic if she found herself on her stomach for some reason - "but I can't roll over! I never learned!!!!"

2 validations:

TD said...

Go Bella! Next thing you know, she'll be levitating. And possibly doing the Electric Slide.

NME said...

I think Bella just takes her time and makes certain she can do something right instead of approaching it all willy nilly. Plus, Bella is making a ton of consonant sounds already, while all Noah does is shreik like a dolphin. Plus it seems natural that a girl develop faster verbally and a boy develop faster physically.