everything's craptapulous, till it ain't.

monday: trent's project. tuesday: museum night. wednesday: ikea. thursday: full fucking moon or something, who the hell knows. friday will not come fast enough and I'm sure will be just as eye-clawing as the rest of this week.

thursday: ikea. it's simple enough. we need 17 cabinet handles and 7 drawer pulls. 24 handles in all. ikea has cheap handles that are nice. the blahgskt version (or whatever the hell) looks sort of 50s. have I mentioned we're redoing the kitchen? no, I've just blabbed on about the kids. yeah. so we have no kitchen right now because it's all being painted and whatever. so we have to get new handles and we had to get them last night, so they can start putting them on.

3 inch handles. 24 of them. not hard. and what do they have? 3 3/4". 5". 8 fucking inches for a handle, who has hands that big?????? 3 inch? no. no. no no no.

you know what we're using? two knobs on each door. instead of a handle, we, like the fucking idiots we are, will be using two knobs on each door. maybe it will look avant garde.

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