Scalloped potatoes. Slushies. Milkshakes. Ruby red grapefruit lemonade. Cheeseburgers. This is the short list of what I am surviving on.

I have good days. But I still have bad days. I'm waiting for that magic week when everything is fine and I just coast through the second trimester.

My body is in a weird place now. Most people know I'm pregnant by looking, but some are still shocked when I tell them. Like did they think I just had a really round, fat stomach? Then I get all self conscious. Then I think it's just not worth it and screw everyone. Then I get hungry.

I get hot easily now, I have alot more bad dreams, and the heartburn is awful. But on the plus side...um...well, at least it's no longer a question of whether or not I'm going to wear maternity clothes yet. But now that I have to go into an office every weekday, I do have to actually change my clothes every day, which is a chore. AND I have to look nice. It's a challenge.

Earlier, I wanted to hear the baby's heartbeat to prove it was really in there. Now that I have, twice, I want to feel it moving to prove it is really in there. After that, I am sure I will want to have it come out to prove it was really in there.

I already long for non pregnant days. I remember really liking being pregnant before, for some reason. What was I thinking?

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