world series of election birthday, rip

so much groundbreaking lately. the phillies won the world series and although there are people who don't understand why that's important to alot of people, it just is. and it was fantastic to see the city be so united and excited. there were enough aspects of it that didn't go my way personally to make it bittersweet in some cases, but overall, I was thrilled. then we had the parade, bella's birthday, trick or treating, and a grown up halloween party all in the same day. overwhelming. I learned of a death in my family on sunday, one that was shocking and upsetting and ultimately thought provoking and full of guilt, and then election day was yesterday. I feel like everything is different and I'm a little overwhelmed again.

of course, bella turning 4 was the least surprising and most special. she was very proud of herself for being 4, and is loving her presents. she helped me vote yesterday, too, pushing the "cast vote" button. she wanted me to vote for balack kobama, marock co bama, and then finally ba-rack-o-ba-ma. she says it very slowly.

so I did want to say because I'm annoyed right now. I turned on the radio to listen to stuff about the election, and instead, I'm hearing about the station's new calendar and all the mostly naked girls in it. really? oh and miss february was also the winner of philly's hottest underboob. I hate society sometimes. barack, save us from female objectification!!

from bella:

I love you. cookies are my favorite snack. peanuts are like fruit and cantaloupe. trees come from pineapple trees and apple trees, giggle. my dollies have ponytails and sometimes have tutus.

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NME said...

A momentous time. I keep wondering if something is up astrologically for all this whirlwind of activity. Not that I necessarily believe in that stuff, but I do find it interesting.

I like cookies too. And marock cobama.