okay, sorry about that.

the holidays were okay. bella loves santa. she got alot of princesses...which is exactly (alot of princesses) what she asked for. trent got my continued payment for his europe trip, which I never mentioned. it's in august. paris, germany, austria, lichtenstein, switzerland. he's excited. I also got him a playstation psp because I couldn't not get him anything, and that will be a lifesaver on the plane.

it may be short but it's all I have in me today. please don't listen to me rant, it's self indulgent and repetitive. seriously. I only leave the post up to remind me not to be so dramatic, because it is embarrassing to have it up and hopefully seeing it when I come here makes me remember to keep my self pity in check.

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Missuz J said...

I was organizing my picture files on my laptop last night and came across the pictures I took when we met up in Vegas. I'd love to see some new pictures of your kids.