go taydown, tay?

borrowing from the bean spot.

bella knows so many words that I often wonder where she heard some of the things she says and what else she might have learned that she's not saying. (she still says "oh shit" when something goes wrong, and has added "fuckin" to her vernacular....that is totally my fault.)

she's been saying for days "go taydown. taydown, tay? o tay. less go! bye bye!" I could not figure it out. we've gotten a new, non-related-to-us babysitter - one of the daycare workers at bella's daycare, named crystal, who loves bella - and she couldn't figure it out either. yesterday, I finally got it: playground. duh. she LOVES the taydown. we went last night at her insistence (in the slogler, or stroller) and she had a meltdown when it was time to go. when she is upset or doesn't want to do something, the phrase is "no! I don yike it! I don want it!"

she's also doing well with colors. she doesn't have to have the teletubbies in front of her to be able to tell you what color they all are. she has a book of colors and her markers and she's got them all memorized - black, white, pink, red, orange, yellow, blue, purple, green. (or bak, vite, peenk, orng, yeyow, blue, purpol, and geen.) she has some trouble with brown. I switch them up to make sure she's not just learning them in order from the book, and she's able to identify them in other places, so I feel like she really does know what they are. they tell me at daycare that she's good with shapes, too, but we haven't done much of that at home. at home, she just likes "colorininin" with markers or crayons.

every day, I ask her what we should have for dinner. she always says BOKLI! I ask her what else and I get answers anywhere from breakfast to macawoni cheese to bokli again. she loves her broccoli. she also has a constant running commentary on pretty much everything. "big truck oushied...big doggie! I see it! I wanna touch it. I wanna pet it. bye bye, doggie. look! look! choochoo!! it's runnin fast. bye bye, choochoo."

sean got a baby bike seat on the back of his newly-tuned-up bike, and bella loves riding in it. when he goes fast, she says "runnin! runnin!" which I guess means that they're going fast. he said that when he goes up a hill and is going slow, she says "where'd runnin go?"

there's not much she's not saying, and she says most things pretty well. she'll say when she's hurt and where, if she's tired or sleepy, if she wants to "yay down" for a minute, and she's very into taking care of her teletubbies. the other day, it was too quiet, and I found her with about 15 wipes she had taken out and was washing each of the bubbies. she said tinky winky was dirty (damn conservatives putting ideas in her head) and needed to be washed. ("tinky winky, he's all dirty. I wash him.") and shout out to sophie, bella asks for a paper towel almost every day. she uses it to wash things off, and then puts it on her head and dances around with it until finally she rips it into a million pieces and then throws it in the trash. she loves paper towels.

I guess that's it for now. the kids and sean are getting ready to go to the beach and they are so excited. I have that wedding on saturday and I'm hoping that when it's over, I will have more time to think and sort things out.

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thelyamhound said...

I'd say bokli's a pretty good default answer for what a child wants to eat, wouldn't you?

Above and beyond that, she sounds almost unconscionably cute.

amandak said...

Awww, Bella cuteness!! Love it!

Have fun at the wedding!

the beige one said...

I, personally, am fond of the logical query: "Where'd running go?"

lonna said...

Dermot calls coloring of any type "painting", and he calls the playground "climb" because that's what he likes to do there. Bella is freakin' cute and freakin' advanced!

Jen said...

Bella is so much fun to read about. Such a funny, smart little girl.

I have always thought that if I ever had kids they would cuss like sailors because I am terrible about "language." I guess it is hard to avoid them copying you.

Stine said...

How friggin funny is your daughter?

Teletubbies man, they are EVIL. But not as evil as the baby in the sun.

Washing tinky cuz he was dwirty - if I had a nickel...

~A~ said...

OMG! Blogger ate my comments a forth time.

Okay, now it has to be short.

Bella = super cuteness

Veggie lovin' kids rock!

Plant her a bokli plant next spring.

Pictures of you new ink?

rob said...

...bak, vite, peenk, orng, yeyow, blue, purpol, and geen...?

So, uhhhh...is Bella German?

LynAnne said...

So cute!!! Keep writing those down. They grow up so quickly!

Rebecca said...

She sounds totally adorable. I love kids that age. And you sure must be doing something right if she loves broccoli. (Yuck!)