update in 4 mins or less

here we go.

bella - ears are now fine. off meds. had 18 mo checkup - 50th percentile for height, but 5th for weight. is cute. likes to say "shaba" - we have no idea what it means but we find it hilarious.

trent - belligerent but still better than some 13 year olds. baseball seems to be overtaking life - just in time for soccer tryouts sunday.

sean - no idea.

work - dumb.

me - still sneezy. ears are starting to hurt. perhaps I'll go to doctor.

wow. and I still have 2 mins left. I am glad nicole and mark and noah are home. their pictures of jamaica are beautiful. I came into some found money recently and am thinking about whisking away with sean to some sort of similar retreat, if only for a weekend. where should we go? ideas?

one minute left. I finished landscaping the front yard over the weekend and we got bella a sandbox and a slide for the back yard. I am pleased with the results of both endeavors. though I wish bella would stop taking the sand from the box and dumping it on the grass because a) it took me a long time to grow that damn grass and b) it's deceiving to buy play sand because it's only $5 a bag - but you need 6 bags to fill up the sandbox. it's as much to get the sand as it is to get the box...so I want to keep the sand in it.

time's up...

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Rebecca said...

What's special about play sand? When I was little my sandbox just had regular sand in it. I think my dad got it from the local gravel pit.

Just curious. Regular sand might be cheaper.

lonna said...

I'm so glad that Bella's ears are finally clear. It would be great if you and Sean were able to get away and reconnect. I don't have any suggestions if you're looking for sunny. There's always Puerto Rico or Barbados (Ethan's brother goes there a lot and you can get a straight flight from Philly).

OldMotherHubbardSharesAll said...

I'm a member of Travelocity and they send out weekly "Great buys" I have it set up where it is flights from Tampa so they send me an email usually on Tuesday or Wednesday about great buys the weekend coming up.......might give you some ideas. You could always come to Florida - THE KEYS happen to be my favorite!

Allison said...

So glad to hear that Bella's ears are all better now. Someone had a question about the play sand and I guess the difference is that play sand is sterilized and regular sand is not. Also, other types of sand can have asbestos and other harmful stuff in it. I guess it's probably worth the extra money for play sand for most kids because they almost always eat it at some point. I wish I had a suggestion for where you guys should go...we haven't been ANYWHERE by ourselves for so long, that I wouldn't know where to begin...the keys does sound nice as does Jamaica. Any beach without children for a few days sounds heavenly to me :)

the beige one said...

You know, Seattle can be gorgeous in the Spring.

NME said...

I know you are limited on time and distance - but not sure if you are looking for a beach vacation in particular. If not I suggest NYC for a long weekend. You can drive or take the train and there is tons to see and do together.

Oh and my ears still hurt too. The doc said it was just allergies.