I wanna easta egg, I wanna easta egg, I wanna easta egg

which reminds me, I want the dvd of the "golden years" of looney toons.

10 minutes to post.

it was a good weekend, for the most part. saturday, I helped trent's dad plant stuff in his "front yard" - which is really a large flower bed. we planted creeping evergreen thingies and some red pansies. he just has to mulch and it'll look great. of course, my house looks like shit. but I scratched his back and so my turn is coming.

saturday afternoon was...I love sean's family and all but...horrendous. first of all, we got there early and it was more obvious than usual that sean's sister in law's family doesn't care about sean's side of the family at all. in fact, when sean went outside at one point to get trent and bella, and he had to walk through a tables of her family, not only did they not say a word in response to him saying hello to them, it got dead silent. like they couldn't speak AT ALL if he were there, let alone to answer his polite question. but the biggest pain in the ass was that we found out that jo-anne didn't come and didn't give a reason. the consensus is that it was because we were there. which may or may not be true. but if it is...man. missing your grandchild's birthday party because your son, who got mad at you for asking to return a christmas present, is there...that's insanity. so I feel like I have to stop the insanity, because I don't think it's fair for anyone to feel like they have to either invite us to things or invite her. it's ridiculous.

so anyways, after that atrocity, we went to franklin mills and then to find plastic eggs on easter eve. needless to say, it didn't go well. we got a bunch of oddly-shaped yellow eggs with various kinds of smiley faces on them. luckily, sean found our original egg stash, so we had plenty to hide.

on easter, bella did a phenomenal job of finding eggs. she even found eggs that I had hidden for trent, inside baskets and on shelves. we had to hide eggs several times that morning. she loved it. dinner was okay - a bit expensive, as trent decided (and we allowed him) to have surf & turf at market price, not knowing what market price is. (it's $52.) bella had the run of the 200-year-old inn, and she's lucky she's cute, because she was really running. she looked darling in a white pinafore dress, green crocheted (at first I typed "crotched") sweater, and pink leggings and these shoes. trent looked so much like a little man - he was wearing dress pants and a yellow pinstriped oxford. my kids. so cute.

in other news, I have horrible cramps and I guess I have to clear the air with jo-anne. so..wish me luck. time's up.

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lonna said...

Trent's surf 'n' turf reminds me of my brother as a kid. Kevin would look over the menu and then always order the most expensive thing unless my parents caught on and reined him in.

I am so sorry about the MIL situation. What a pain in the ass. Same with Sean's in-laws. How hard is human decency? I guess pretty hard for some people, huh? Geesh.

Yeah for Bella in a cute dress and finding easter eggs. Yeah for Trent dressing like a little man!

Jen O. said...

Did I miss the post where you decided to start timing your blogging? I noticed when you started doing it, but I missed the rationalization.

I miss Bella.

Missuz J said...

MIL. Dude. What a total cluster fuck.

Bella Easter egg hunting--so sweet.

Surf and turf--At that price, it should have come with at least a free car wash or something.

the beige one said...

you know, clear the air and everything, but I say, PHWSF.

NME said...

Can you come and plant some things for me? In the concrete.

It stinks that you have to suck it up and do all the work to mend bridges with Joanne - but I think in the end it's worth it to preserve your relationships with the rest of the family and their relationships with Bella.

You had an egg emergency? That's funny. I'm not at all surprised that Bella was so good at finding eggs. That girl is pure genius.

Surf and turf? Tell him from now on he can only get surf and turf at McDonalds - a cheeseburger and a filletofish.