doca, hee, moo, fay, noon, fee, BEEP!

that's what bella says when she wants milk heated up in the microwave. the gibberish in the front is us counting down the seconds until the beep. it's done while pointing with her tiny little index finger at the digital display on the microwave. she also thinks that all appliances work in this way, so when she sees us put a piece of bread or her waffle in the toaster oven, she does her countdown and BEEP. it's like her cuteness button is stuck in the pressed position.

and I am "happy" to report that trent is, indeed, a teenager. we go from happy to angry in milliseconds. from pissed off to content in the blink of an eye. from pretty smart to really dumb with the snap of his fingers. it's hard to deal with - already. already!! I just try to take a deep breath before I respond to him. he really knows how to push my buttons sometimes and I have to remember who the adult is - meaning that I am, but more than that, that he isn't.

and...well...I don't have much else to report at this time. sorry this post is kinda lame.

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Missuz J said...

Not the least bit lame. I love Bella's pretent counting. So so so so sweet.

Oh lord--a teenager? No advice here. At all.

OldMotherHubbardSharesAll said...

Only advice I can give you for the teenage years is enjoy the fact that it's a boy. And batton down the hatches when it's Bella!

I promise you will survive! (so will Trent)

I love the count down - maybe we should hire her out to NASA it's better than Blast Off!

NME said...

That is EXCRUCIATINGLY cute! My God. Bella is absolute cuteness personified.

And Trent - well he's a teen badass. HA! The one thing I always wanted to tell my mom when I was a teen was that she didn't realize how lucky she had it - I was a GOOD kid. Yes - teen annoying of course. But GOOD. So just try and remind yourself of that when you'd like to kick him in the ass for the attitude.

the beige one said...

What's the one thing any and all teenagers fear the most?

Having their parents show up to school and embarrass them.

Use this to your advantage. Simply threaten: "Oh, okay, I guess I'll just come to your classroom tomorrow."

Doesn't matter if school has nothing to do with the situation...that threat should carry you for a couple of months to a year, depending on how often you use it.

Just once, though, follow through on the threat.

lonna said...

I agree that this isn't a lame post. I love Bella's counting. Dermot doesn't pretend to count, but as soon as the buzzer goes off he says "all done".

I have generic advice about Trent, but it's probably stuff that you know. I think the most useful thing for me when I was working with kids was remembering what it was like to be in their shoes. Adolescence was so bad for me, that it made it easier to be there when they needed me and to pull in the reins when they really needed me, but didn't know it. I know that it's different when it's your own child versus messed wards of the state, but it all boils down to patience and caring. I know that you have caring in spades, it's the patience part that we all have trouble with.

shawnak said...

Hey Patrice, I too have a "Tween" (12 year old boy) who thinks he's about 25. And every day I have to bite my tongue and remind myself that I am the adult and even though he may hate me right now for setting up boundaries, eventually he will thank me (okay maybe on my death bed, but still) Then on my bad days I threaten to beat him and get away with it because I am a social worker and I know where to put the bruises (of course this is a joke between us)But if you come up with something better, let me know! Oh by the way I am here frommy cousing Kodi's blog

KATIEmagic said...

Man I am not looking forward to teenager hood. It can be such a difficult time for all involved. It's nice that there is some baby cuteness in the family mix as well.

And that is seriously cute.

Stine said...

Not lame, cute as hell.

Ah teenager...just wait until he starts to drive.