2 things real quick

1, bella is getting tubes next thursday. now instead of freaking out about giving her medicine and her being sick, I can freak out about her having minor surgery and anesthesia.

2, happy birthday katy!!! I feel priviledged to have met you in the flesh, and I can say that you, indeed, rock. and rock hard.

that is all for now. over and out.

oh, ps. you all are such a wonderful and supportive bunch of people. I do appreciate it even though it doesn't seem like I do.

pss. steve is not just sean's friend - he's my friend too. don't be afraid! say hello!!

4 validations:

NME said...

The tube thing is scary - but as you know it's super routine and she will be SO much better once it's all done.

Steve? I'm confused.

Katy said...

Oh, yay for Sweet Bella getting tubes. Having experienced this through my sister experiencing it with Sophie I can tell you it will do wonders.

2nd, hey thanks, aaaand right back at ya :)

lonna said...

Good luck with the tubes. I hope that they make her feel so much better.

Steve B. said...

Hi I am Steve. Friend of Sean, Patrice, Trent, and Bella. I became friends with them by working with Sean. My family and I really enjoyed watching Bella on Saturday. I have two girls 5 yrs and 1 yr. We all had a blast. Wow my first posting. How exciting. By the way, what's a "fhotz" (word verification)?