down with the sickness

so this weekend, I got sick again. this time, sinuses. know what blows the most about extended nursing? or breastfeeding in general? (ps, hi steve! I'm talking about breastfeeding! sorry...) you can't take any drugs. no sudafed, no heroin, no nothin. well, advil, which I am taking by the fistful, and tylenol, which I'm allergic to, and benadryl, which renders me incapable of speech or eyelid lifting.

so I've been using these zicam swabs that you stick up your nose; they are homeopathic. and gooey. and I'm using breathe-right strips. and a vicks vaporizer. and an eyebag. and a sleep mask to hold the eyebag on. sean finds me dead sexy in all these acoutrements.

I was off from work yesterday, and sinuses throbbing, I put up our tree while sean dealt with a very cranky, very fussy bella. (and I dealt with a very cranky, very fussy trent.) so our tree is up, our house is "decorated" which means there's more bric-a-brac up that is holiday themed, and there are 2 giant tubs of decorations by the front door that are supposed to be outside. it's just so cold, and I'm so tired. and lazy.

maybe I'll get to it tonight. (probably...not.)

ps, as I'm sure you already know, our family's thoughts are with the wengers and kin, who are going through a difficult time now. a loss at a time of celebration of a famous birth must be even more difficult to bear. I've met larry a handful of times, and he's always been very pleasant to me. carol is a wonderful woman and I hate to think about the suffering she's going through now. she's a strong person, and I know eventually she'll be okay, but it's the getting there that makes me tearful for her.

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lonna said...

I'm with you on the medicine. I already take a bunch, but I can't take too much more when I get sick. I usually end up on antibiotics which means yeast galore for both me and him. Yeah! Basic cough syrup is okay (dextromorphan) or some such nonsense - basic Robitussin. We switched to Tylenol, but Advil is good too. My doctor says that a lot of decongestants don't work anyway. She recommends the usual stuff that doesn't really work - steam, fluids, hot fluids like tea and soup, etc. I hope that you are feeling better soon.

Amy said...

I am nursing my 20 month old and am sick now. You can take claritin (without the sudafed - the D version) and it won't make you tired like the benadryl. I read that the claritin passes through the breastmilk it extremely small amounts and that most dr's recommend it over benadryl to nursing moms. The sudafed you CAN take, but you risk it reducing your milk supply. As long as I only take it every so often, I don't notice the reduced supply. Another option is Afrin, if you're really congested, and of course Robitussin (or any other OTC cough medicine) is safe for the coughing. Hope you feel better soon!!!