2-9 Day # 2

Sean here. I'm finally so caught up on my work/training that I now have a chance to post something. I've been extremely busy here at work handling the financial side of our operations for the past two months, and that requires a lot of intensive training from a bitchy guru who's always on my ass to see if I'm walking a straight line (picture Pai Mei to The Bride in Kill Bill Vol. 2). Well, straight is how I strut, and now it's time for a breather so that I can say "hi" to all of you nice people.
The birthday week is going great. I definitely feel special the way a birthday person should. Can't wait to hit that box of Godiva white chocolate assortment when I get home. My iPod speakers work great, so now I can do dishes to the wonderful sounds of Blessing The Hogs, Gorerotted, and Leng Tch'e (Belgian for "Death By 1000 Cuts")...well, only when nobody is in the other room trying to watch TV. Dinner was nice last night. It was a little hectic at times in the typical Milligan/Mickles/Brennan way (loud, overbearing, opinionated family members in a loud restaurant). My mom was about to raise hell because the reservation was for 6:30pm, but we didn't get seated until 7:15pm. Everyone was a little ticked, but we all behaved for the most part. We were about to complain to the waiter once we were seated, but as we were taking our seats, out came the manager with three large complimentary plates. On those plates were mussels in lemon butter sauce, calamari with a side of marinara, and mozzarella sticks with a side of marinara for the kids and Patrice (who got none...sorry honey...if only you liked squid and meat from sea shells). He apologized and complimented our good nature and patience. See, it pays not to be an asshole.
Well, I'll try to post more in the future. There wasn't much to this. I just needed to get a post out there to break the streak of post-less days. Sometimes you need a cupcake opponent to get you back to winning ways. Kind of like how the 49ers were to the Eagles in week 2 after that week 1 loss to Atlanta. Although, they didn't get very far after all. I'll try to do better than that. Now it's time to buy myself a birthday present online!!!!

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lonna said...

Happy Birthday week! Ethan talks about birthday weeks, but only when it's his own birthday, hmmm.

When I graduated from Ill. State I had reservations that I made months in advance for my family, and they didn't seat us until about an hour after our reservation. I politely reminded our host that I had gone out of my way to make my reservation well in advance in order to avoid a situation like that. So we got nice after dinner drinks. Yum. This was in my pre-vegan days, so I got a nice Bailey's Irish Cream. I bet my dad got some sort of cognac since it was free. You always get more with sugar than vinegar.

NME said...

YUM! I love when you get free food for a long wait. More places need to do that.

the beige one said...

Happy bday from a kinda random stranger. I have sent along a level and a new jig saw. Enjoy.