zoo, circa september 05

remember way back when, when we all went to the zoo?

I downloaded the pictures. finally. want to see?

edited to add:

here's my favorite of the bunch.

yin and yang

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lonna said...

Not to be totally self-focused or anything, but...PENGUINS!

The kids are cute too. Just kidding. Those two seem to be little Gerber fiends. Dermot was the same way. They must put something special in all of their finger foods. GIMME!

amandak said...


NME said...

Love the pictures of Trent in no shirt and a tie. Hysterical.
Also that pictures of you and Bella by the turles needs to be framed.

Katy said...

aaaw cute!

jon said...

the "blue steel" photos made for a very awkward moment in the workplace.

KATIEmagic said...

Oh my God the cheeks!!!

Missuz J said...

So sweet! Oh--and your hair looks GREAT!