I'm it.

everyone's doing it.

okay. 10 years ago, I was...uh....let's see. trent was 2 going on 3, so I guess I was giving his father, brett, the ultimatums. I think we then got engaged in june of the following year, when trent was 3...or maybe the year before...and about 3 weeks after we got engaged, I broke up with him. I had warned him that he'd wait too long and that I'd no longer want to get married, and that's exactly what happened. it was a very difficult, sometimes violent, breakup. very bad.

5 years ago, I was...god, this is hard to remember...um....oh wait. 5 years ago was 2000, and that's when I started dating sean. I was working at cdnow. at the end of 2000, on dec 28, I was officially laid off. sean had already been laid off and had started working at....Big Company He Currently Works For.

one year ago, I was just beginning my spiral into depression over not having given birth yet. seriously, the day after my due date, which was the 23rd, I was in the obstetrician's office bawling my eyes out. you have to understand that I was HUGE. I had this awful rash on my feet and I couldn't wear shoes. even if I didn't have the rash (which actually was blisters, big painful blisters that oozed) I couldn't wear shoes because my feet and ankles were so huge and swollen. if you think I'm exaggerating, ask nicole or jen. or sean, who had to bear the brunt of my frustration. my hip joint kept popping out of place and I had to see a chiropractor 3 times a week. it was awful. I was on blog hiatus at that point because I didn't want to journal just how awful it was. there's a big gap between my 2nd trimester posts and when I started up full time again. at the very end, I wasn't taking phone calls or seeing anyone, and I was working from home. if I had to go out, I'd make sean check to make sure none of our neighbors were out because I didn't want them to ask me any questions about why the baby wasn't here yet.

5 snacks: fruit roll ups, hot chocolate, candy bars, soda, granola bars

5 songs I know all the words to: oddly, and I don't know why, there are quite a few phil collins/genesis songs I know all the words to. when they come on the radio, I always am amazed that I am singing along. I don't even particularly like them. like "billy don't you lose my number". REM's it's the end of the world as we know it, TMBG women and men, many bee gee's songs, pour some sugar on me.

5 things I would do with $100mill: ha. jarrett and I were just talking about this today. about what order we'd do stuff. safety deposit box, lawyer, accountant, new car, then fly somewhere far away and take no luggage. but what I'd do with the money - pay off all my friends' mortgages, invest, travel, start a fund for single mothers trying to get off welfare and go to school, get really good porcelain veneers.

5 things I would never wear: depending on if I got any plastic surgery with that $100 mill, a bikini. also, nude pantyhose, real fur, a wimple (unless it's halloween), granny panties.

5 favorite tv shows. only 5? america's next top model, lost, project runway, murder she wrote, the office. and I am aware that I am a dork.

5 biggest joys: family, a silent house, petting pets, relaxing in a clean house, fall days.

5 favorite toys or games: clue, phase 10, trivial pursuit, quizzo, yahtzee.

sean, want to?

8 validations:

Missuz J said...

Your poor pregnant feet!

For some reason, I didn't imagine your last 10 and 5 years much like that. That's what I get for imagining I guess.

Some day we will sit around and play much trivial pursuit and phase 10.

lonna said...

I think that I met you and Sean right before you got laid off. I remember that you were telling us how CDnow was getting bought out.

My feet didn't get humongous until after Dermot was born. I couldn't wear shoes for 3 weeks. My feet ending up holding so much water that plasma-like stuff was starting to come through my skin. It was awful and there was nothing that I could about it. Blisters sound much worse though. You poor thing. No wonder you're done with pregnancy.

I adore trivial pursuit and no one will play with me because I hardly ever lose. I am full of useless knowledge.

I also loved Project Runway and I didn't expect to at all.

Kodi said...

Oh, God. Oozing feet, and hips popping out of joint DO NOT sound pleasant. My pregnancy wasn't so bad in comparison.

NME said...

I think you left CDNOW at the end of 2001, didn't you? Because you were there for 9/11?

I was laid off 4/00 and you were there for like another year and a half. Right?

Maybe I am confused.

Steph said...

Oh my... Pregnancy can be something akin to purgatory, it seems. Only you get something cute at the end. I'm so sorry about the awful feets. I have a friend who essentially didn't eat for almost three months becasue she kept puking--she had to have a nurse come over and stick an IV her every day.

In other news, durn! Now I'm going to shamelessly copy the list and 5 and 10 year retrospective idea.

Katy said...

I suck at Trivial Pursuit, well, the 100 year old trivial pursuit we have at my house. There's probably a question in there about who invented the wheel.

TD said...

I've never heard of Phase 10, but I love Quizzo, Trivial Pursuit, and Clue.

I remember you not being able to wear anything but flip-flops to tea, and your feet weren't even at their worst at that point. I felt terrible for you.

I strangely seem to know the words to lots of Genesis/Phil Collins songs, too. That shit is always playing in the background at malls, etc. That's gotta be it. Either that, or Phill Collins is a space alien/demonic force slowly gaining control of the masses through subliminal messages delivered via bad 80's music. Or something.

KATIEmagic said...

What's a wimple??

I can't imagine having blisters on your feet that you probably couldn't even see, you poor thing!

I love trivial persuit too.