anniversary disco

well, I forgot to bring my camera to baby disco, so I have to rely on nicole's pictures to remind me of what a kickass time we had. (to catch some of you up - the nightclub "fluid" opens the club on the first sunday of the month to parents and children for baby disco, with food and beverage and bubble machines and lights.)

bella loved the chill-out room's tent filled with pillows, so last night, instead of doing what I was supposed to do, which is clean the house top to bottom and fix up the back yard because we're having a party on saturday night, I rearranged our furniture to accommodate our beach tent (which we used exactly one time). I filled the tent with pillows and bella immediately loved it. loved it so much that she made the whole thing tip over. the stakes they provide for putting into the sand or ground don't work well on our carpet. she learned pretty quickly not to throw herself around in there, lest she bump her head on the wall or the radiator.

in order to accommodate the tent, I had to move around some of the chairs. since the acquisition of grandma and grandpa's chairs, we now have 3 chairs and a couch in the family room and 3 chairs and a couch in the living room. I didn't want to move my yellow wingback from the family room to the living room because it looks so perfect where it is, so I did what I had vowed I wouldn't do: I split up grandma and grandpa. it was equal parts fear of grandma's vengence and wanting to keep the two of them together because it's sweet. but it just wasn't working out, having two recliners right next to each other near bella's play area. and everyone's afraid to sit on grandma anyway. so into the living room she went. we'll see how that goes.

as I mentioned, we are having a party - more like a get together with a few friends - on saturday. an oktoberfest. and we asked our friends when they were free and we came up with the date october 8. la la la, october 8, blah blah blah. OH YEAH. it's the day after our anniversary. we're just happy we remembered this year, as last year it totally slipped our minds.

our anniversary is kind of weird. there's a whole story behind why we did this, which I'll tell later, but we were legally married on october 7, 200...3? 2? I don't know. anyway, we didn't have our big ole wedding until december 22 of the same year, because that's when sean's brother billy would be able to get leave from his air force post in california. so everyone is always telling us that we've confused them (?) over our anniversary date. I always wanted to be married in october, and for a few other reasons, that's our anniversary. though when we forget, we always say we'll just use the other date. (which we also forgot last year.)

the thing is, we always forget it. this year, we're both cognizant of it only because of the party the next day. I guess we'll go to dinner. we are planning to do this murder mystery thingie in november, though - I can't wait. I'm a total mystery fanatic.

I don't have a great way to conclude this post, so I'll leave you with something I heard on the radio yesterday. as I may have mentioned, I am a news freak in the car, only listening to news radio. I got a hankering for talk radio, though, so I cruised the AM dial for some lively banter. I accidentally landed on the sean hannity show, and after I righted my car from where it flipped over in the ditch, I landed on a pretty clear channel with a man who spoke in a very smooth voice. but then he said, "I have a secret. I eat God. I have him in me." I know the point he was trying to make, but...I eat god?

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lonna said...

Sean Hannity is the devil. We have two anniversaries too. One that we celebrate and one that everyone else knows about too. I'll probably blog about that someday too. We also forget both of our anniversaries now that we have Dermot. It started out being such a big deal and then we moved to Iowa and it just seems to have slipped out mind. It doesn't help any that our official second anniversary was also my grandfather's visitation (wake in Catholic terms, but my grandparents were Baptists).

Missuz J said...

2 anniversaries for us as well (Sept 4 and Dec 2--one the day we were married, and one the day we reconsiled after a long seperation) and, yes, we both forget both.

You are such a sweet mom to put the tent up in the house for Bella.

amandak said...

I'm all curious about the 2 anniversaries thing. Do you have the story posted somewhere in your archives? We only have one, so far. Although, I've always wanted to renew our vows someday. Our wedding was a little overshadowed by the fact that I was marrying a nonmormon, not in the temple (obviously), who I had been living with for a year. Yeah, the parental disapointment was palpable.

Have a fun party this weekend! Becca and I used to throw a 'harvest brunch' for our friends around this time of year, and I'm considering trying to pull one together here, but I'm afraid it would just make me miss her that much more.

Jen O. said...

You were married in 2002. So were Nicole and Mark. And so were Jon and I. Kind of funny that we all got married within three months of each other!

Marksthespot said...

and funnier that Jen and Jon were the first of the three of us to get engaged, by like a year, and then the last to get married. we usurped their date!

NME said...

I'm totally looking forward to Oktoberfest. And I can't wait to see how Noah likes Bella's tent!

If you think it's hard for you to remember your anniversary because there are two of them - it's even harder for us. And I was at both weddings. You best go out to dinner or something. It's important to honor your commitment to each other.

Jen said...

The only reason I remember our anniversary is that it always falls right around Thanksgiving. We got married on the Saturday after Thanksgiving because it was easier for relatives to get away from work then without using all of their vacation time.

Andy doesn't like the fact that it is in November because my birthday is too, and then Christmas comes shortly after. Lately he usually just gets me one thing for all three holidays and that is fine with me.

The tent in the house is cool. When I was little my mom spent hours making me a fancy playhouse out of a refrigerator box. It was the greatest.

Steph said...

Wow. This is the two anniversary hang-out! I have a card to join that club. Our "day a judge married us" anniversary is July 28, 2002 but our "day I didn't wear jeans for the ceremony" anniversary is September 22, 2002.

It's like some Saturday afternoon movie... I was uninsured, and had injured my back to the point that I required surgery. We decided that instead of waiting until September, we'd get legally married so I would be insured, have surgery, and able to actually walk by the time the wedding came around.

It worked out in mysterious ways. We went to the courthouse, and the Boy's parents were our witnesses. We went out to lunch afterward and the Boy's father said it was the happiest day of his life. A month later, he died of cancer--2 weeks before our planned wedding. By some cosmic coincidence, he was able to see his only child get married before he went. I'm glad of that. It makes the whole back injury ordeal somehow worth it.

seansylvania said...

What steph just commented is so touching to me. I'm so glad that the Boy's father got a chance to watch his only son get married before he departed. Sometimes, things seem so painful and confusing (like your back injury), but when you step outside of the circle and look at the big picture, sometimes everything comes into focus and makes sense. Isn't it funny how things work out sometimes?