...13 facts about Patrice! This is tough to do because you already know so much about her, and what you don’t know, maybe she doesn’t want you to know. Otherwise, why wouldn’t she have told you already? Hopefully, what I’m about to reveal is not too personal or secret.

Patrice’s favorite food is Indian food. In fact, I hated Indian food the first time I had it, but when I met her, she reintroduced me to it, and I’ve been a Patrice-bias-free fan ever since.

Patrice drives a 2003 Chrysler PT Cruiser Touring Edition. When she bought the car in 2003, it was the first time she ever purchased a brand new car. She says it will be the last time, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it happens again. She’s also fond of the Hyundai Tiberon and the Chrysler 300. She doesn’t like the PT Cruiser convertible, though, because it takes away from the car’s retro look.

Patrice has 7 tattoos, and most of them are visible. Not that it’s a big secret, but I’ll let Patrice tell you where they are, that is, if she decides it is okay.

Patrice’s favorite male music artist is Stevie Wonder, and her favorite female music artist is Ella Fitzgerald.

Speaking of music, Patrice owns a jazz setup drum kit. She hasn’t used it in quite a while, but before I met her, she played quite a bit of jazz drums. They are currently in our shed, but damned if Trent doesn’t want to get them out and pound away on them like Animal from the Muppets.

The only celebrity that Patrice ever met was Scott Baio. She has the picture to prove it, but of course, someone is in the way of Scott, and he can’t be seen. The sign says so, though. Unless, Patrice went through the intricate process of staging a Scott Baio meeting by creating the sign herself. I doubt it. Then again, there was a time when Scott Baio was huge!

Patrice has meat issues. She’s not a vegetarian, but she seems like she is headed in that direction. All of the signs point to it. She shows much compassion for imprisoned animals who are about to become food, and she cannot eat meat from the bone, and she can’t eat it if it even resembles what it once was when it was alive. She’s also freaked out by possible bacteria contained within. Most of all, she has shown great talent in the realm of vegetarian cooking. I’m a huge fan of her vegetarian dishes, so if she ever wanted to convert, I’d be on board. I sure do likes me some meat, though.

Patrice is afraid of looking into a telescope. I think the large scale intricacy of the universe overwhelms her. The same may be true for microscopes, but I’m not sure. I do know that small scale intricacies also overwhelm her. That’s as basic as I can put it, but I’m sure she can expand on this condition, which I find endearing in a good way.

Patrice is a student of Eastern religion. Forgive my ignorance, but it’s either Hinduism or Hare Krishna. No disrespect, but I get the two of them confused. As far as I know, she hasn’t practiced in a while. I kind of have the feeling that I may have steered her away from these practices inadvertently. Before we moved in together, she had an altar set up in her closet. She still has the materials i.e. a bowl with a mysterious (to me) red dust, pictures of deities, medals, etc. They just aren’t set up for praying. Then again, do you need a setup to pray? This might be the most personal thing that I am divulging, so I hope I’m not out of line. What matters the most about this fact is that, unlike myself, Patrice is still very spiritual and believes in a higher power, and she never likes when I say J.F.C.

Before Patrice and I started dating, she was a master rock climber. She would climb walls like she was Spiderman. I think she used to go to a rock gym regularly in Oaks, PA, and she wanted to get me into it, but at the time, I was having major ingrown toenail issues, so it wasn’t happening. Along with rock climbing, Patrice is a big fan of outdoor activity in general. She likes white water rafting, bike riding, hiking, and camping.

Patrice’s favorite color is red. I find that appropriate considering how red her hair can get sometimes. Although now, the hair is brown and looking fantastic.

You probably know this already by looking at the pictures she posts, but did you know that Patrice is an aspiring photographer? Maybe so, but did you know that her trademark picture is when she takes a picture of her feet? Now you know.

This one is obvious. Patrice is a very intelligent, caring, and beautiful person. Okay, that’s three things. She has a wealth of knowledge and can probably help you to the next level as a life line if you are a contestant on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. She always tries to do the right thing no matter what. Even if someone crosses her, she will not sink to their level and perform the same low act. She will not compromise who she is to get back at someone. She proves her point by sticking to her guns. She gets even by being herself and representing an example of how well people should treat each other. And, call me biased, but you’ve seen the pictures. She’s HOT!!! But seriously, Patrice doesn’t have fake magazine type beauty. Who wants that anyway? That’s shallow beauty!!! Patrice is a unique being with her own quirks and individuality. She’s also strong, and all of that adds to the physical attributes that I find so attractive. I got a good one, and not just in the sense of a wife. For those of you who know, how about how she interacts with her children? You can’t ask for much more than that. Love you, babe.

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Missuz J said...

Damn--I knew you were super cool--but not THIS cool. You may, in fact, be too cool to like me now. Shit. I'll have to work on my coolness factor ASAP.

patrice said...

okay, sean, I guess you're forgiven for leaving me in the lurch yesterday.

a few clarifications: scott baio was when I was like 5, but it is still the only celebrity I've ever met. I am not as scared to look into a microscope as I am a telescope, mostly because I did have biology and AP bio in high school. I kinda had to get over that. the religion wasn't as hard core as you make it sound, and it was neither krishna or hindu. it was a form of goddess worship, the goddess being the mother of the 3 main hindu deities. I wasn't a master rock climber by any stretch of the imagination, but I was trying really hard to go to the rock gym regularly. and I wish there was one close to us so I could go again. that is probably my favorite form of exercise. that and swimming. and ha, yeah, the feet. silly.

NME said...

WOW Sean! That is super sweet. Some of this is news even to me.

Jen O. said...

Jazz drums? JAZZ DRUMS?? I never knew.

Rock climbing sounds like fun. I would love to try that.

I feel very Patrice-enlightened.

lonna said...

Thanks Sean.

I love Indian food too. There isn't any in Ames at the moment, but one is coming soon. Hopefully it will be good. Where do you go for good Indian in Landsdale? We went to Sultan a couple of times, but they have moved, and we haven't been back since.

I had no idea about your favorite vocalists. Very interesting. Ethan and his whole family are drummers too. I am pretty sure that Dermot is going to be encouraged in that direction too.

Finally, it's so nice to see how much you guys respect and love each other. These little tidbits just really show how much you notice and appreciate the "small things".

amandak said...

Mwah, how sweet! Gotta love the love. It's neat to see how one spouse describes the other. We should all do that for some kind of internet inspired mass marriage therapy. It's been a long day, sorry for sounding so silly. I do feel like I know your whole family better now, and that's supercool.

Kodi said...

That has to be one of the nicest things I have ever read. I wish my cowboy husband would figure out how to turn the computer on so he could do the same for me. I have rock climbed and it was a blast. Sean, you should try it.
I know this refers to a previous post, but I loved that you took Bella to a hockey game. You guys are too cool for words.

Katy said...

aaaw, there really are good men out there! Somewhere...far far away...from me. But still, YAY. All of those things surprised me and in general I want to know more! Drums? Goddess Worship? Rock Climbing?? I want to be you!

M.Thom said...


I am feeling a little verklempt here! Talk amongst yourselves...

That was really nice, Sean...thanks for sharing it with the internets!

KATIEmagic said...

Aw! How sweet! And informative. I'd love to hear more about your spirituality, P. And see some brown hair pics.

TD said...

I love that you used the phrase "meat issues." That's how Todd refers to my relationship with meat, too. Either that, or he'll say, "Uh oh... looks like we might have a meat situation on our hands."

I can't convey to you both how happy it makes me that two such amazing, quirky people found each other. You're lovely.

amandak said...

oh yeah! I'm also way curious about your tattoos!!