put on your yarmulke, it's time for lonnica...

(so no one is confused, I'm tipping my hat to an overused but still slightly funny SNL/adam sandler song and "yarmulke" is pronounced "YA-ma-ca" and I'm simultaneously giving an unbidden and unauthorized nickname to lonna.)

yesterday, our living room was bursting with childy goodness. there were babies all over the place. nicole and noah came up first and had some tasty pizza in a somewhat clandestine manner, since mark wasn't there (so they got the white pizza with all the cheese he won't eat) and lonna and ethan weren't there yet (as they are vegans). not judging at all. just saying.

the babies played poker while the adults (sean and nicole) played peekaboo and rolled a ball back and forth between them. I came home around 6, and lonna and ethan came in around 6:30. and then it began!


I couldn't ever imagine ethan with a child, just because I think he was born a grown up. you know what I mean? but he was so gentle and patient with dermot. lonna is totally confident and a great conversationalist. we all talked while dermot tried to pet and/or rip the hair off our dog and cat, and occasionally noah would try to escape to the kitchen to play with the pets' water bowl. bella, being fairly immobile, just sat there watching everyone.

we all nursed our kids at various times, soothed cries from time to time, and shared alot about birth experiences. that, and sean and ethan talked about hell fest, crazy fest, slaughter fest, metal fest, gore fest, and rock till your ears bleed fest. (only three of those are actual events.)

it was so great to see lonna, ethan, and dermot, especially since they live in iowa now and only get here once a year or so to see ethan's parents. I am sorry to anyone who lives in iowa (and likes it) but I have to say that I would be getting the fuck out of iowa more often than once a year if I could swing it, from what they tell me about it. (and what I've seen on children of the corn.)

someday when I download the pictures, I'll post them so you can see the cuteness that is dermot.

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Kodi said...

I love when friends from far away (or Iowa) visit. I have some friends who live in Florida, and very rarely see them, but the times I do are always a blast. She is my Colin Firth lovin, ice cream eatin, domino playin friend.

KATIEmagic said...

I didn't know they allowed vegans in Iowa. ha ha ha

NME said...

Our visit must have given you a good preparation for a mobile Bella. It was funny how we were all just tearing around trying to get things out of the hands and mouths of Dermot and Noah. And a mobile Bella is coming ANY DAY. She looked like she was going to take off at one point when I was sitting on the floor with her before babyfest capacity was reached. I recommended to Sean that you get some sort of moving toy to encourage her. Noah made himself crawl because he was determined to get his hands on that moving Fisher Price Peekablock train. Of course - maybe you want to keep her still a little while longer. All this moving around has me exhausted.

grody jo-dee said...

oooo...iowa. land of the forgotten. i love the midwest (as opposed to fl), but i would take fl anyday over iowa. they don't like the ethnic people much there either...kind of a midwestern alabama. :)

seansylvania said...

Heh heh. Children of the Corn. "Malachai!!!!" I think Isaac was much more of a threat than Malachai anyway. That movie could have been much better than it was.
I wish they had a "rock until your ears bleed fest".
Finally, I just wanted to say that it was a pleasure having Ethan, Lonna, and Lil' D over. That little guy sure is a mover and a shaker. Definite Bella foreshadowing happened that night...