for tracey

bella in pictures.

bella reads:
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and ties her shoes:
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but once she was just a baby:
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5 validations:

Jaws said...

She can give me 6 yr old tips with tieing her shoes. My 6 year old can Divide but she has a damn hard time tieing her shoes go figure..lol

NME said...

Soon she won't need you.

TD said...

This sounds silly, but I've always been a little self-conscious about tying my shoes. For some reason, I seem to be a lot slower and clumsier at it than other people. Looks like Bella has it down -- think she'd be willing to give me some pointers?

TD said...

Oh, I almost forgot:


lonna said...

It's amazing to see a baby with a book and not to see that book in the baby's mouth:) Dermot's books all have teeth marks on every edge. She's also trying to figure out how she can get those laces into her mouth. Why are they so far away?

I would also have to agree that she is so frigging cute.