bella has been having a lot of fun lately with her little fishbowl. it has 3 balls in it that she can put in and take out. she takes all of them out, studies them, and puts them back in. over and over and over again. it's so fun watching her study them as if they were ancient artifacts and she were a scientist. she also pulls her binky out and puts that in the fishbowl as well.

which brings me to the first cute-bella-thing that she does on purpose all on her own. you know what I mean - it isn't a personality quirk or like a smile or giggle, though those are all adorable. it's like an on-purpose thing. anyway, she likes to take out her binky and put it in sean's or my mouth. she leaves it in there for a while and then takes it back out and pops it back in her own mouth. so freakin cute.

I'm leaving in an hour or so to take trent to his doctor's appointment. I'm not nervous, per se, but I guess apprehensive is a good word to use. I'm sure it will be fine. in fact, I'm guessing that he's going to tell us that we have another year or so to wait for the surgery. I think he told us last time we had a checkup (checkups are years apart at this stage) that he thought it would be probably at about age 13. I think it has to do with growth spurts and puberty. but trent is in alot of pain lately, so I don't know.

the thing about doctors like this is that they see all kinds of awful disfigurations as part of their everyday routine. but it's the most important thing to me, and to trent, and sometimes doctors don't always share that kind of earnestness. dr. alburger is okay at it, but not great. in the beginning, it was really good that he was like that, because it made it seem like the problem wasn't that big of a deal. now, though, I wish he were a little more worried. but maybe, again, it's a good thing.

well, I'll let you all know how it turns out. thanks for listening.

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Kelly said...

Paci-sharing is a joy only known to parents, but it IS cute when they try to share something so valuable. I'm just not willing to accept the gift, but nothing keeps me from pretending to!

Good luck at the doctor. I'm thinking about you guys.

NME said...

I have to see the fishbowl and pacifier sharing for myself. That is too cute to be believed.

I am eager to find out the outcome of Trent's doctors appt.

amandak said...

Good luck with the doc, and don't be afraid to assert your own feelings of earnestness. Sometimes doctors need to be reminded that patients are individuals, and need to be treated as such.

p.s. love your blog

lonna said...

Two of my cousins needed to have surgery on both of their feet in junior high, and they got major points for being in a wheel chair. They were both big geeks and no one really talked to them until they got their wheel chairs. Then every one thought they were cool.

I hope that Trent's appointment turns out as well as can be.

Also, the binky thing, while cute now, gets really old after 4 months. I could only handle so much baby spit. I was so very happy when Dermot gave up his pacifier on his own at 11.5 months.

lonna said...

That last thing I wrote sounded really bitter. It's actually very cool when your baby loves you enough to share the holy binky with you. It is as if they are thinking "The binky is great. Mommy and Daddy are great. They are worthy of my binky."

Missuz J said...

Sophie was never huge into the binky, but she loved, and still loves to try and feed me things. We just came home from my mom's, where she was shoving teddy grahms into my mouth every time i opened it. Also, i agree with amandak (AKA, my big sis.) Let your/Trent's doctor know what your concerns are, and don't let him off the hook until you're satisfied with the answers he gives you.