so the haircut, since we're all DYING to know if I am going to cry myself to sleep like I did last time.

it. looks. FABULOUS. I took full responsibility for last cut's total failure, much to larry's surprise. I think he felt responsible. we both silently acknowledged that it was the worst thing to happen to my hair in all the time I have been there. and then we moved on.

the nice thing is that now larry isn't afraid to tell me if stuff looks bad. like how the sides of my hair were getting too long. I sheepishly told him that yes, he knows best. and when it was all said and done, I looked great. even in the styling. so the lesson here is that I should let the experts do their thing before I decide that I know more about it than they do.

on the way home, I was confronted with a "piggy truck" as trent used to call them. pig transport trucks carrying future bacon to the hatfield quality meat plant. I have to turn away from them when I see them. this time, I pulled over after exiting the turnpike so I wouldn't be next to the truck at the red light. I can't take seeing all those little pig noses sticking out of the air holes. I REALLY need to become a vegetarian.

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lonna said...

There's nothing like finding a stylist in whom you can place your complete trust. I love to go in and just say I want a change, but I still want it short. What do you think? I haven't found that in Iowa yet, but I'm still looking.

On the veggie thing, you know we've got your back if you ever decide to give it a go.

KATIEmagic said...

Yay! I'm glad you're hair looks great! There's really nothing worse than not liking how your hair looks. This time last year mine was a fried blonde mess. Oh the horror.

The pigs in the trucks (although since I'm in texas it's always cows) is exactly why I became a vegetarian for 2 years. Chicken fajitas is exactly why I went back to meat. Still can't eat cows or pigs though. They look at you with those eyes on the highway, and there's no way not to hate yourself.

patrice said...

lonna's got the vegetarian thing down pat, for sure. but I'm with katie - I did it for a few years, but there's always something that brings you back. and then there's always something that makes you want to leave again.

lonna said...

Isn't scrapple alone enough reason to at least give up pork? That stuff seriously scares me. We actually saw it being made at Hatfield on a tv show.

Jaws said...

I think my hubby would kill me if I became a Veggie Tale (thats what he calls it from the cartoon).

Hair cuts. I need one badly. I just never know what to get. Iused to be such a spiral perm chick back in the 90's.

Glad yours worked out. The hats can stay inthe closet.

Kelly said...

Before my vegetarian-ness was corrupted by James (it's hard to feed someone who eats practically nothing but meat, when you love and used to eat meat yourself)...where was I? Before I started eating meat again, whenever I'd see one of those trucks, I would yell, "It's not my fault! I'm not going to eat you!" My mom just rolled her eyes. I'm such a traitor.

Missuz J said...

In one of the first conversations I had with my later-to-be very close friend Christine, she said to me, "I'm a vegitarian, but I love ham." In theory, I totally dig the vegitarian thing. It's putting it into practice that gets me. We don't eat much beef, because my husband is sure he'll get mad-cow's disease. On the flip side, my carnivorous step-son won an award for an essay contest he entered. The topic was "My Favorite Things." The title of his essay--"Steak and Bacon."