re: update

by request, even!!

is on again, off again when it comes to liking the medicine. last night, she lapped it up like kitchen drinks milk. this morning, I had to squeeze it in quick-like and most of it ended up on her bib. (and yes, there is flavored medicine! our rite aid has a list of like 20 flavors they can add to medicine to make it taste better.) other than that, she is adorable as usual. her new thing is rocking back and forth. it looks like dancing when she's standing up (with help) or sort of mentally ill when she's sitting in her high chair. and if she knows someone is holding her, she'll fling herself backwards and then come back up. lots of fun when we're on the couch snuggling, not as much fun when I'm trying to pick her nose.

enjoyed take your kid to work day. I, however, did not. that's a whole nother story. he was entertained by the activities and liked lunch. I, however, was not. he liked "shadowing" me for all of an hour. I, however, did too. he accompanied me into an impromptu meeting with my boss and now asks me for updates on the situation that was discussed. funny. he did lose his baseball game again last night - and lost big time. he was in for pitcher for a few innings. my boy is a good baseball player - always makes allstars, very smart, fast - but he is NOT a pitcher. and I hate when he gets put in as one. he's very hard on himself already and doesn't need that stress on top of it.

is enjoying being back at home. or was - because he's back at work now. he gets another half day tomorrow (only 8 hours instead of 12!) and we are going to see the dali exhibit at the museum of art, which, I heard, features alot of...um...sausage. as in not suitable for 12 year old boys. but it's art! so we'll see if trent comes with.

is being plagued by allergies. patrice is me, by the way, and I don't feel like doing all this in the third person. yesterday, with my eyes tearing, I looked like I had been crying all day. after a night of rubbing my eyes into oblivion, today I look like I'm both stoned and hung over. great for work! I took claritin (even though I have an rx for zyrtek) out of desperation yesterday. I don't want to keep taking it because it dries up everything - including milk. and I'm having enough trouble producing anyways. but I couldn't stand it anymore...and then I took a claritin and guess what? NOTHING CHANGED. stupid claritin.

is having some issues. it seems that Blog has had some insecurity in regards to comparing itself to other blogs and feeling a bit over-competitive. so Blog is losing its counter, I think.

that is all, I think.

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Missuz J said...

Patrice--Thank's for coping to the blog insecurity. I never thought I even cared who was reading mine, until you cool chicks started responding. Totally thrilling that strangers wanted to read my stuff, but also a little scarry. Then I added the counter, and now it seems almost like it's harder to be honest and communicative because I feel like I need to be clever. I wish you and bella and blog good health. :)

lonna said...

Patrice - Ethan gave me the address for your blog, and I've been quite amused. We went though similar things with Dermot. I just wanted to let you know that I have been on zyrtec forever and it hasn't affected my supply. Other things did, but not zyrtec. Decongestants can affect supply, but antihistamines don't. So don't take anything with a -D attached to it. Avoid pseudophed like the plague. Claritin never did anything for me. I still have some symptoms on the zyrtec, but I would be a mes without it. I say take the zyrtec and try to protect your sanity.

TD said...

You're coming to the city to see artsy sausage!

I wish I were artsy sausage.

NME said...

The flinging backwards kills me. When Noah does it I want to scold him for being so reckless.
I want to hear about the trials and tribulations of lunch. And I am sure Trent makes an excellent shadow. I already know he makes an excellent son.
Your blog should never feel insecure. Have I ever mentioned that you rock my world?

M.Thom said...

Don't feel insecure! I am happy with the numbers on my counter, even though I know most of them are from me obsessively checking it to see if anyone has commented. So I probably have like 14 real visits and 120 of me just checking in. But it's all good!

Rob said...

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