the perils of suburb driving

this morning on my way to work, I think I was held up by every single type of slow-moving vehicle there is. it started out waiting for a giant 18-wheeler to make a right turn it really shouldn't have been making. that took me through a whole traffic-light cycle. then I was behind a school bus, and apparently these days, they don't make kids walk more than 3 or 4 feet to get to a bus stop - they just keep stopping every other house instead. (meanwhile, I had to walk about a quarter mile to my bus stop even though the bus passed my house. lazy kids.) when that finally moved out of the way, I was behind a trash truck. that's not always such a problem, but it definitely is hell if you're not only behind a trash truck, but behind a car that doesn't know IT CAN JUST GO AROUND THE TRASH TRUCK. and when there's another car behind the car that's behind the trash truck and that car won't go around either? instant road rage. I finally put that behind me, and then I swear to god, next was a street sweeper. a freakin street sweeper. and the finale? geese crossing the road. GEESE. CROSSING THE ROAD. honestly, it took me just as long to get to work today as it did when I drove 30 miles to pottstown every day.


sean left for massachusettes today. mike storm and joe quick stayed over last night and are driving up with him. I feel bad because I was so tired this morning when they left. if you ever want to see me at my most cranky and miserable, wake me up an hour before my alarm is set. I hate that. I try to get back to sleep and it never really works. so sean left at about 6:30, which is a half hour before my alarm goes off, so I wasn't in the best mood. and then I got in the shower and heard about an accident that was so bad that the highway was shut down indefinitely - since I turned on the radio in the middle of the report, I didn't know it was in jersey - and I immediately felt 10 times worse. so knock on wood knock on wood knock on wood, I hope he gets there safe and sound and then I can apologize over the phone for not being nicer to him this morning.

trent's science fair project actually turned out well. though mason seriously needs medication. the kid is a spaz. and of course, when the teachers came around, mason decided to do all the talking and trent sat there and let him - and I wanted to run over and yell MASON DIDN'T DO ANYTHING AND TRENT DID IT ALL AND NOW MASON IS MAKING IT LOOK LIKE IT WAS ALL HIS IDEA! I mean, the kid actually said "and then I got the food and kept it at my house and took pictures." seriously? that's the ONLY thing he did. and he bought the food with trent's money. but I'm trying to let it go. trent didn't seem upset so I shouldn't be either. but if he gets a bad grade or his teacher says he didn't do as much as mason, then I'm going to explode.

bella is staying at daycare extra long today because sean won't be picking her up, and she's dressed adorably in the red and pink heart pants nicole bought for her and a pink long sleeved onesie. this makes dropping her off and going to work and not driving right back there to pick her up even harder than usual, but hopefully the day will go by quickly.

I feel like there was something else I wanted to share, but I can't remember what. oh well, maybe it'll be one of those dual posting days.

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TD said...

"Onesie" is one of my favorite baby-related words.

When we worked at CDNOW and I was still living in Horsham, I used to get stuck behind the same school bus EVERY DAY on my way to work. Sometimes, the kids in the back seats would wave at me. Other times, they'd make faces. When they waved, I waved back. When they made faces, I flipped them off.