sean called. bella hadn't been drinking her bottles lately - sean said it was like she was on strike. and he figured out why - we had been mixing breast milk with formula, half and half. and she had been fine with it up until a few days ago. so today he gave her straight up breast milk and she downed the bottle in no time. so, in his world, things are great because hey, he figured out why she's not eating! we'll just give her breast milk only!

EXCEPT I AM TRYING TO WEAN HER. and not only that, but since she's been doing half and half for about 2 weeks now, my supply has dwindled significantly. I mean SIGNIFICANTLY. I am only able to produce half as much milk as I did before we introduced formula. so now I am freaked out. it'll take me forever to build up my supply again and I do not want to continue breastfeeding anyways. what about vacations? what about sleeping without a bra? WHAT ABOUT BUFFALO CHICKEN STRIPS??

sean just called again, and he said that after giving her 2 ounces of straight breast milk, he sat her down, gave her a stern talking-to, strapped on a bib, and fed her applesauce for 15 minutes straight. thank god. because if she's going to try to live on my stuff alone, she's going to go from "bridget jones" renee zellweger to "I swear I'm not that fat and I will prove it by overcompensating" renee zellweger in no time.

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Jen O. said...


Wait -- can you not eat the spicy when you're breast feeding? Wow. I don't knwo if I could so it. I put hot sauce on my cereal.

seansylvania said...

Definitely no spices when breastfeeding unless you would like to compromise the well-being of your child's stomach and the significant loss of sleep you will experience as a result. I might be wrong, but I also notice this problem when Patrice consumes really greasy foods too i.e. cheesesteaks, McDonald's, etc. So, no spicy foods? That's ridiculous. No greasy foods? That's ludicrous! It's all about the love in the form of sacrifices that moms make for their babies. Us daddies have it so easy. Husbands. Appreciate your wives!