Mass Pike to our door

SEAN RETURNS TODAY. the house is in shambles, bella hasn't been bathed in 3 days, I got about 4 hours of sleep last night, and I'm having trouble today constructing sentences.

you'd think I never spent time by myself before. it's amazing that trent is as functional as he is, if this is any indication of "the lost years" that I can't seem to remember, circa 95-98.

there are 3 things I expect from sean's return:

1. a VERY long dissertation on each and every band that performed.
2. a VERY long nap by me.
3. a VERY long sigh by sean (after looking around at the house he left in pristine condition.)

welcome home, beekeeper.

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seansylvania said...

Well, the dissertation is forthcoming in the post I intend to, um, post today. I hope that you got that nap you were wishing for. If not, you can always make an appointment with me. And, the house wasn't that bad. It only took a little straightening up, and it was pristine again in no time. It feels great to be back, and I sincerely mean that.