crunchy doesn't always mean RIGHT

well...the breastmilk in the ears didn't work. surprised? yeah, me too. allow me to slip into something a little more 1990 and say...NOT.

this morning, our little boba fett woke up with a fever. though she looked completely happy, was smiling and "singing" to us, her forehead was hotter than sean in a thong. (trust me on this. he reads and writes in this blog too.) I took her butt temperature and she was not as calm as she was when the nurse did it at the doctor's office, so once it reached 102.7, I just pulled it out even though it didn't beep. a fever's a fever and I didn't feel like causing her more discomfort.

so we called the doctor, and I...well...I went to work. I left my poor sick baby and went to work. sean took her to the doctor and she again has an ear infection. now, sean always watches bella on tuesdays, wednesdays, and thursdays, because these are his "weekend", so it's not like I had him stay home from work and watch her. but shouldn't I have stayed home? I felt horrible about it.

so you'll remember from last time that bella HATES medicine. (or food, or anything that is not milk or paper.) so this time I had sean ask the pharmacist about adding flavoring to the medicine, as if it might help. but...and this is so great...it totally DID help! sean thoughtfully got apple flavor, since applesauce is the only food she's ever not expressed total hatred toward, and even though apple flavor and baby applesauce cannot possibly taste anywhere near the same, she took it without much fuss. so that's good. whether she'll continue to do this, I do not know. we have 10 days (19 more doses) to find out. and bella is nothing if not completely unpredictable.

so today I've been thinking about how horrible I am to have left my baby and come to work, and also how great it is to be able to be horrible and leave my baby and come to work. for as much as sean's schedule is completely annoying and very difficult to deal with, it certainly comes in handy for babies. knowing bella is home with her loving daddy makes it possible for me to be horrible and come to work, and that's pretty great.

next up - schlep your kid to work day. that's tomorrow. trent is going to be sitting through hours of presheduled lecture before he gets to "shadow" me at 3pm. right now, he's pleased as punch to just be getting out of school. (which reminds me....trent had DETENTION today. detention!!!! why? because he's been "benched" [reprimanded] 4 times for, and get this, not being bad, not talking back, not even playing around at school - but for not getting tests signed. stupidest. reason. ever. and also? so glad they didn't have this when I was in elementary school or I would have been in detention every week.)

anyway, we'll see if he's still psyched after listening to guest speaker after guest speaker talk about the industry my company is in. (no, I won't say what, you want me to get dooced??)

stay tuned.

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Missuz J said...

FLAVORED MEDICINE??!!! How did I miss out on this? Do you ask the doctor or the pharmacist? Hope Miss Bella is feeling better soon. After about 18,000 ear infections, we went for ear tubes, and I am so glad we did. It made the biggest difference ever.

M.Thom said...

Since I saw you checked out one of my blogs, I decided to check yours...and you can add me to the list of your readers! I already read Strangeafeet and hear a bit about Bella...so now I can get the stories firsthand!

TD said...

Your secret is safe with me.

Of course, if you got dooced, you might become a semi-celebrity, too, and then blogging could be your fulltime job, and we'd all get to read more stories about your hectic life and crazy (the good kind) family and see more pictures of Bella and Trent, and really, it's all about us, anway.


seansylvania said...

Oh yeah! Believe in the flavored medicine. I had no idea such a thing existed until Patrice suggested it. You have to ask the pharmacist, who opens up this big binder and flips to the page that coincides with the medicine you are acquiring. Sure enough, there were at least 15 flavors (almost halfway to Baskin Robbins). I can't remember all of them, but one that sticks out is "Chocolate Banana Pie". I wanted to get it so bad, but I went safe with the apple flavor due to Bella's relationship with applesauce (sometimes referred to as Bobasauce).