it's the triangle tango....

so last night was museum night. I got home and we had to leave 10 minutes later - always love that. through the drive thru at wendy's and then over to some other school. turns out we were supposed to bring a dessert...so off to weis market (worst. supermarket. ever.) goes sean and returns with doughnuts.

trent's project was about the bermuda triangle. and honestly, from all his procrastination and freakout came a really cool presentation. at the last minute, he decided to dress up like a marooned victim of a shipwreck (didn't even get a "thanks, ma" for that one) and so we took an old t shirt and ripped it up, along with pants that probably fit trent about 2 years ago. added sandals that still had sand in them from visiting the shore with nicole last year, and voila! he really did look good, and his presentation board was nice, too. and he had a tape of him singing his bermuda triangle song - and I gotta give the kid credit for putting that out there. it's trent, a capella, singing:

deep in the ocean blue
found dead is the captain and his crew
they thought they could handle it
but they fell into an endless pit
they thought it would be all the rave
now they float in their watery grave

it's the triangle tango, it's sweeter than mango
it's the triangle....tango!

there's a second verse, too, which I can't seem to remember, but we had it on a loop playing over and over and over again.

I took alot of pictures and trent (along with most of the other kids) was taped for the local educational programming station. but the best part, which moved me to tears, was watching him talk to the judges about his presentation. he was so poised, so articulate, and he really knew his stuff. it was great to watch. he's growing up...he's growing up. they seem to do that.

I'm proud of my little man.

2 validations:

TD said...

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Trent will someday rule the world.

NME said...

At a mere 12 years of age Trent is already a remarkable human being. This is no surprise considering how rockin' his mother is. Have I told you lately that I love you? Have I?