all quiet on the eastern front

there's not much going on, actually. I haven't done anything stupid KNOCK ON WOOD KNOCK ON WOOD that has aggravated me, bella hasn't started regressing OR playing piano or speaking in full sentences in french, trent hasn't forgotten to do anything at the last minute...even my clothes are not breaking.

but that does remind me - cute easter outfit whose skirt zipper broke? replaced it. wore it today. looks totally stupid. it's too long and flouncy and I feel like a 50s housewife who did some sort of freaky friday move and is at her husband's work instead of home vacuuming in pearls. this is the skirt, from target. cute enough in the picture, cute enough on the rack. not cute on patrice.

maybe it would be cuter if I weren't in 2.5" heels. doesn't sound like alot but it really is. and the white non-whore fishnets. but a softer green cardigan (yeah, flouncy skirt and cardigan - all I need is a quaaludes smile and a pink plastic mixer and I'm totally a 1956 life magazine ad) and these heels are really not cutting it - not for work, anyways.

anyway. this gives me time to reflect on life's little mysteries. like why we still make clothing that wrinkles when the wind blows the wrong way. or why some people can't appreciate a good hardy boys tv show episode. or why bad food tastes so good. or why corn is shaped that way.

I could go on. couldn't you?

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TD said...

I actually really like the skirt. Is it just too long? I frequently find that otherwise cute skirts/dresses look far too dressy (or just plain bad) on me, because they're six inches longer on me than they're meant to be. Bridesmaids dresses always look like ass on me, too.