hi, remember me?

anyways, it's been a crazy few weeks. trent finished school, I've been working myself ragged, we've had shower troubles (not the water kind) and I turned 30 in the middle of it all.

the hot weather is returning, and with it, giant, giant feet. hugely giant feet. flip flops aren't even cutting it anymore. well, they are "cutting it" - cutting into my flesh, that is. ankles? what ankles? and I have been drinking water like whatever the opposite of a camel is. and I have the toilet-seat marks on my ass to prove it. it doesn't help that Baby Whatever is kicking my bladder right now, either. I have a permanent indentation on my wrist from my previously-loose watch. it's total insanity.

I asked my sister how she managed to get through pregnancy and give birth in august to her first baby, with all the water weight bloating stuff that happens. she said she was literally barefoot and pregnant. it also helped that she was at home and we had a pool, and she didn't have what I like to pretend is a career. I have no such luck. and my cottage cheese thighs and puffed up calves are not going to make going to the local pool a pleasant experience.

so I read something on babycenter about what do to if you're not feeling that "pregnancy glow" or whatever. and it has to do with not exercising enough. bah. it's hot! I'm tired! I'm perpetually in transition for work! I'm really fat! and now I'm supposed to take a half hour to exercise daily? hm. well maybe I can walk. a little. if I can get shoes on.

but this isn't the place to bask in the glow of pregnancy anyways. much to the chagrin of people who read this to get an accurate depiction of what pregnancy is like. (hi, theresa!) it's a place for me to bitch and moan about the shite all the hippie and stepford mothers pretend doesn't happen. there is a rosy side, for sure. it's wonderful. it makes you feel like you're really doing your role as a female human. it's exciting. it makes you so satisfied when you see other babies. but no one wants to hear about all the bad crap when they say, incessantly, "so how are you feeling?" so it's gotta come out somewhere. and blogspot is the place.

so take all of these posts with a grain of salt. since there are alot of posts, that's alot of salt. perhaps you'll start to look like me.

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TD said...

No need to wear shoes... with my massive muscles, I should have no problem carrying you around for the rest of your pregnancy.